Handicapped aims of Thetis Solution Foundation

What kind of world do we imagine for the disabled people?

A world without frameworks created by individuals, family members, giant instutitions and where the disabled person can form a community with other handicapped peers; the name of this institution is residential park.

Is this an utopia?

No. In a residential park the participants (pairs, individuals, or families) define the rules of the house, and it is not the order of overall institutional frameworks – written for hundreds of people – what is dominant there.

Would they live in a large building where each handicapped person would receive a room like in the big institutions?

No. In such residental communities disabled people live like people in a communal yard. Eveybody in a separate apartment.

What kind of social staff would support these groups?

Correlating to the huge institutions, in this place there is no need to maintain various support groups (conductors, masseurs, psychologists, mechanic workshops, social workers etc.) as in the case of any problems or difficulties the disabled people try to solve the problems among themselves. If they still would need any kinds of help they will make use of the service industry as the entire society do.

What is the most powerful residential environment in the aspect of social fusion?

If the handicapped people  can live a life like all healthy people do in the society. This is what can be realizable in such residential parks.

What can be the way to build the most effective bridge among the society of undamaged and disabled people?

The healthy people living next to the residental park of handicapped people have the opportunity to see things that were veiled from them because of stereotype thinking, indifference or even the fear from foreign groups: there is no difference between those persons who can accept their damaged state and able to live an independentent life from the group of healty people.

What impact has the existence of residential parks on the current use of handicapped mental picture?

The mental image of hundreds of handicapped people living closed from the society in huge institutions or those needed the assistance of family initially will be corrected and later will be even reversed by the disabled people living an the residental parks.

What other social implications have – beside the effects on direct environment – of the residental communities?

On the basis of the “Maslow-pyramid” well-known from the psychology, after the satisfaction  of the physiological- (food, sleep, etc.) and security needs (employment, income), those handicapped people living in the residental park will be able to cope with social needs easier (e.g. belonging to a group) then in institutions working with hundreds of people or in an over-controlled family environment – with the knowledge of healthy people living within their reach and among their peers in the similar condition. On the needs listed so far can be built the higher level of motivation needs of the human life, namely recognition, self-esteem stemming from the skills to be able to fit into the society, and finally the self-realization (to become somebody that one might can be). The residental park – in our opinion – is the ideal environment to achieve the top of the Maslow-pyramid: the ability of the realization of a handicapped society. Even the healthy society can create something special only through those people experienced altitudes. Why is still denied the opportunity of ascension from a social group which can only add due to its disability to the society based on the common ground culture

What force can be produced by the residential community in the society?

A community which specifies its own life on a self-determination manner will be able to live a more and more self-conscious, self-determined life after some time. Firstly this community has an impact only on the near environment and later will be able to reach more difficult goals with the given capabilities. Especially by reaching the top of Maslow-pyramid the community compares the range of possibilities and realizes that it is much harder for the handicapped than the healthy people to reach.

Further goals of the Foundation:

The requirement of the integration of disabled people who are in a tight control of the physical environment is the elimination of the physical barriers.

The elimination of mental difiiculties and obstacles is attainable through peer counseling, information giving and various publications.

We would like to participate in the scientific examination of the relationship between the disabled people and the healthy society: we would like to ask people who were taking part in the sensitiser hours to fulfill the questionnaires of researchers from the field of psychology and social science for helping their work.

The disabled people present their lives in the frame of sensitiser classes in front of school children and adults communities along both legal, economic and social coordinate systems in order to change the false handicapped image among the healthy society.


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